A discussion of race, politics, media and the like… What I see is what you get.

Lying to yourself: Sex, Race and the White House (Written Aug 26, 2008)

Ok. I must tell the truth, as I see it. I am officially tired of Hillary Clinton and her supporters (PUMA’s / Party Unity My Ass) who would rather make a scene against Barack Obama at the convention and then cast their vote for John McCain in the fall. All because of some percieved slight of Hillary Clinton. I could maybe see their argument if she had been running against an older white man who certainly would have some built in political advantages but her opponent was an upstart Black man who is dealing with many of the same if not more negative political stereotypes and perceptions. I swear these people are derainged or just simply unintelligent. Hillary lost!! The nomination was not stolen from her. Get over it. I find it impossible to fathom that Barack supporters or Barack himself would hold up and threaten the election of the next democratic president like this. Where is your class Hil? I thought you were a statesman of some sort. And PUMA’s, have you forgotten the facts? Hillary lost Iowa and only won New Hampshire after shamelessly shedding crocodile tears at a news conference (What is ironic is that it was those “tears” and her political use of that femininty that spawned the New Hampshire win and now her supporters claim it was sexism that derailed her campaign and that Obama should have spoken out against her treatment) It was Hillary that never planned for the campaign to go on after Super Tuesday. Her arrogance and sense of entitlement made it difficult for her to believe that she would even have a challenger after February 5th. Have they forgotten that it was Hillary that employed the “kitchen sink” strategy after understanding that the nomination was in fact slipping away and this turned the primaries into the negative campaign she thought she needed to win. I guess negative politicking doesn’t always work, right Hil? So let me get this straight… Hil got outworked in the caucaus states, got out financed, got out-manned on the ground, had no strategy for a long campaign, fired her campaign manager Mark Penn, went negative (including adding injury to Obama by helping fuel the Rev Jeremiah Wright debate) and then blamed Obama for repsonding to her negative attacks, lost the delegate race and Obama is to blame?? The audacity of her!! Look at the man in the mirror Hil !!! And then tell these PUMA’s to get on board or get out the way.These feminists are mad because they feel she wasn’t treated fairly by the media. They claim sexism played a role in the election, and while I give that arguement credence and do agree that sexism was and continues to be a big issue…so was the racism that affected and still affects the Obama campaign. The bottom line is both candidates ran historic campaigns but somebody had to lose. And the only person who was in the position to have the nomination stolen from him was Obama. He took the lead in delegates after winning 11 straight contests after Super Tuesday and never relinquished that lead. That lead was the direct result of Clinton’s arrogance and unpreparedness. So in actuality these Clinton supporters still have a win at all cost strategy… despite the lack of righteousness that this strategy evokes.
If you think this election was stolen from Hillary…you are lying to yourself
If you think Hillary was treated more unfairly than Barack during the primaries…you are lying to yourself
If you were supporting Hillary and now are voting for McCain then you are “post-rational” (and I suspect you have an issue with Black people) and…you are lying to yourself
And if you don’t see race intertwined in the fabric of this election and the electorate…you are lying to yourself…and I feel sorry for you.

Update: August 26, 08 11:20pm
I just watched Hillary Clinton give her speech at the Democratic National Convention… simply put… a great speech. She deserves credit for the fire and vigor with which she delivered her support for Obama. I just wished she had done this earlier and I hope she continues this during the general… I also wish she had driven a more righteous campaign during the primaries and we maybe could have avoided all of this mess and these distractions…


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