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Sarah who??? (Written Aug 30, 2008)

People. Your first mind is probably right. They tell you this when you are taking standardized tests. Your first thought is probably the right one. So what did you think when you first heard that John McCain had chosen an obscure female governor from the state of Alaska as his running mate.? I will tell you what I first thought: WTF??
I mean, who is Sarah Palin? Does she even know McCain? Have they ever worked together on anything. (MSNBC reports that the two met for the first time 6 months ago) How is it that a man who is criticizing Obama’s experience selects a woman that no one knows. (She is also under an ethics investigation in the state of Alaska) How must Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney feel right now. When Chris Mathews asked if they would be comfortable with Palin’s experience to run the country and her being “one heartbeat away” from the presidency, a McCain political operative never answered the question. Instead he talked about Palin’s conservative agenda, her love of hunting and pro-gun rights agenda. Call it what it is. A political move that hopes to capitalize on “post-rational” Hillary Clinton sentiments. Does McCain really beleive that pro-choice supporters of Hillary will view a pro-life Palin in the samelight as they do Hillary? The racial equivalent would be McCain appointing Ward Connerly or Clarence Thomas or JC Watts as his running mate. As in the previous case, Black people will not support a candidate just because he is Black (in fact most Blacks abhore Connerly, Thomas and Watts as sellouts) and most Hillary supporters will not support Palin just because they share the same feminine parts. Their issues do not align and neither do their politics.
Frankly, this was an exotic pick that McCain hopes balances Obama’s “exoticness” as the first African American presidential nominee. This was a purely political move that did not take into account the gravity of a VP pick. This pick calls into question McCain’s judgement and his willingness to gamble with the lives of the American public for political gain. Sounds like he will do anything to win….and I, for one, have seen enough.
After last nights epic speech from Obama I am convinced that anyone that does not vote for this man…has serious intelligence issues or they just refuse to see across party lines and continue to vote against their own economic issues…


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