A discussion of race, politics, media and the like… What I see is what you get.

So Who is Playing the Race Card??? (Written Aug 2, 2008)

I find this topic insulting to my core. The idea that McCain and his surrogates can charge that Obama is playing the race card after 4 straight negative ads that have run since Obama’s much heralded trip abroad is just plain grotesque politics and I am highly offended..On MSNBC’s Morning Joe program it was discussed openly that McCain’s campaign had made a fundamental decision last weekend to attack Obama as much as possible so they could do a few things: 1. Keep Obama on the defensive 2. Control the airwaves and not let Obama control the debate.Now how will this help McCain? By controlling the media jargon you distract the media and the public from “real” issues (ie. Exxon Mobil’s record profits, rising unemployment & food prices and a continually failing housing market – all which has happened under a Republican administration). By keeping Obama on the defensive you keep him from talking about the issues and you again distract those casual voters from the real issues.The idea that Obama is playing the race card is just straight lunacy. Obama has tried to keep the discussion from race for the entire campaign. We all know that a political campaign infused with race is a losing proposition for Obama. It makes no sense.When Obama (a Black man) says that the republicans are goimg to try to make you afraid of him by pointing out his “funny name” (we all know that when Fox News and their pundits continue to refer to him as Barack HUSSEIN Obama they are preying on electorate fears of Muslims and terrorism), and his Blackness (numerous republicans and the RNC ran adds during the primary season that were at best racially tinged to again draw out fears held by a largely white electorate) he has a valid historical point (remember the Willie Horton ad) and this latest “race card” attack is along the same lines. A Black man discussing his blackness as positive is vastly different from republicans or the RNC or swiftboat type organizations discussing race as a way to draw out fears of the white electorate. Just because Obama discusses his race does not mean that he is playing the race card. One is discussing the elephant in the room (All the other 40 or so presidents and vice presidents have been WHITE males…this fact in and of itself is a referendum on racism in America) and the other is “playing” the race card. In a campaign where it is widely known that discussions of race hurt Obama…why is the McCain campaign so eager to discuss race and accuse Obama of playing the race card? This is shades of the Rev Wright controversy all over again. The right wing is very good at talking about race and drawing out it’s negativity as it relates to the white electorate and then hiding it’s hands as if they are not responsible for it. This is an old game…and I am not buying it…you shouldn’t either.


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