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Lean on the Left Barack..

I am writtng this because I need to get this out. It’s a simple message that I will expand on in this blog and it is one that every man or woman has had to learn. As it relates to relationships, “Dance with the one that brought you to the party”! In this case, that would be the progressives, Mr President.
Every week I look for a topic to express my views about and this week was no different. While it has been clear to me for quite a while now that Conservatives/Republicans/GOP’ers/birthers/deathers/tenthers/teabaggers will consistently go against the President, I think, finally, the President and his administration have realized this as well, as evidenced by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs statement last week regarding the “bad faith” negotiations of the Gang of Six. But my righteous indignation went to another level late last week and throughout this week. You can add “schoolers” (my term) to the list of GOP factions that are engaged in a culture war in this country. Don’t be confused by the terminology because this culture war is not new. Republicans embraced the “Southern Strategy in the distant past and this culture war has the same basic tenants. Based on a notion of divisive, selfish, and racist language and policy, they have decided, again, to cause division based on demonizing anyone that doesn’t agree with their limited ideology. Culture war = racism in my book and you hear it loud and clear when you hear tea baggers say, “I want my country back!” Excuse me!? YOUR country!?
The President, like most recent Presidents, was poised to speak to school children this week via the internet and the Republicans were at it again. At every turn. In every instance. These GOP’ers don’t even want the PRESIDENT to speak to school children. These guys have no boundaries! They are against EVERYTHING the President lays his hands on. Right wing radio was saying that the President is looking to indoctrinate their children with a socialist agenda. It’s crazy. They are crazy!! In Minnesota, they are afraid that the President will turn this into a political talk!? Huh!? It’s as if they don’t remember Bush 41 discussing his tax policy in front of kids during his speech, or Bush 43 dicussing children giving aid to Afghany children after the “War on Terror” was started or Reagan calling Black folk “Negroes” in 1988. By all accounts, the President had no intention of discussing anything other than the American values of studying hard and getting good grades. As soon as the speech was announced, Right wing radio and punditry went into its manic phase. They accused the President of trying to be “a cult of personality”, of teaching the kids a socialist agenda, of teaching kids the legality of abortion or same sex marriage. All of it ridiculous and based on ignorance. No one had even seen the speech. But even that wouldn’t make a difference because the “schoolers” wouldn’t believe the President even if they saw the text. They are not interested in facts or reality. They are trying to make their own. And the media we all watch have bought into that reality, which is why this illegitimate temper tantrum is even a news story. It shouldn’t be. And whether you want to believe it or not their are racial/racist undertones here. “Schoolers” do not respect the MAN that is the President. He is beneath them and their ilk. And he has no authority to tell their kids anything, even if the message is to work hard and stay in school. Under the guise of having parents “review” the speech before allowing it to be shown in the school. But even after the speech was unveiled a day early, the schoolers kept on with their rhetoric. Whenever I feel the GOP has sunk to a new low, and there is nothing lower…they manage to find a new floor.

The President’s Healthcare speech this week was, in my opinion, a masterful stroke of speech writting where he brought specifics about the healthcare reform he wants, let Americans know the Republican concessions he has put in the bill, told progressives to relax and scolded the Republicans for lying. But it was the mentioning and poetic emphasis of Ted Kennedy’s dying words at the end of the speech that really put the cherry on top. The President spoke eloquently on the tenants of “Liberalism” and as a proud progressive I loved it. Read Ted Kennedy’s letter to the President here: But the GOP was not done with their vitriol toward the President. In the vast history of Presidential adresses to a joint session of Congress, never has ANYONE disrespected the office of the Presidency or the MAN who is President as Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) did this week. The outburst was crude, dismissive, demeaning, disruptive and racist. I find it no coincidence that this has never happened before in the history of Presidential addresses to Congress but the congressman got so emotional that he just couldn’t help himself. I’m not buying that. If the debate was rational I could buy the notion that this is just a disagreement based on policy. But the emotionalism and consistency of the racialized dissent of the Republicans means that there is more here than a policy disagreement. When people shout “I want my country back” the implication is that they want to return to a time when white men ruled, exclusively. That day is over. It’s about time that we reached a state in America where all races are equally vested…the funny thing is we are NOT even at a place where all races are equally vested. White folk control every industry…so what are these teabaggers talking about. Nobody took your country. It’s ours too…


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