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Wisconsin is only part of the GOP war against unions

Check the technique… Politics is a game influenced by money and power. Those who do not understand money and power politics lose. It always amazes me when I hear people say that politics don’t matter and that they do not vote for whatever reason. Upon closer inspection, why would billionaires sink millions into campaigns for people sympathetic to their cause. Why is Washington overrun with lobbyists? How can politicians dole out billions of taxpayer money to bail out banks with no checks on employee compensation and give continued tax breaks to the most wealthy Americans but cut benefits of everyday public workers (taxpayers) as a means to balance the budget brought out of whack by the recession caused by…you guessed it, the bankers who were bailed out by taxpayer funds? The answer is influence, money and power. In capitalism, all three of these matter and the GOP is clearly flaunting this fact in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio. It’s about time that those lower on the totem-pole understand this reality and understand their influence via the vote and community power politics. Get in the game…and then stay there…

And if you are voting Republican…you are on the wrong team.

“Unions remain the most effective part of the Democratic coalition in turning out minority voters come election time and in getting working-class whites to vote Democratic. As such, they are the linchpin of progressive change in America. Taking them off the political map isn’t about budgets. It’s about removing a check on right-wing and business power in America.” – Harold Meyerson

via Harold Meyerson – Wisconsin is only part of the GOP war against unions.


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