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Tea Party Tailspin…

I’m not sure why more pundits don’t say this…but the electorate that voted in the 2010 midterms was completely different than the electorate that voted in the 2008 presidential elections. Its like you had two completely different sets of people voting. If everyone who voted in 2008 voted in 2010 the Republicans would have made little, if any, gains in national offices or state houses. They, the Republicans, received no mandate from the country. The President, clearly received one in 2008. The latest NBC-WSJ poll

released last week proves this…

During the right’s season of anger, passion and convictions galvanized Tea Party supporters into an army of activism. But the vehicle is outliving its fuel. The movement is losing momentum. In fact, Tea Party-backed governors like Scott Walker in Wisconsin could be providing the rallying cry on the left to pick up the mantle of anger and send the momentum back the other way.

If Tea Party leaders continue to operate as if anger is still a major part of their arsenal and Republican politicians continue to feel pressured into untenable positions, Democrats could enjoy their very own Charlie Sheen-ism come 2012: “Winning!” – Charles Blow

via Tea Party Tailspin – NYTimes.com.


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