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NPR Chief Ousted After Execs Racism Remarks (another Right-wing smear…)

Do me a favor.

Watch the video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas first. (Mind you, this is the same James O’Keefe from the faked ACORN videos)

Now after watching the video, can you tell me what exactly is news here!? What did the NPR execs say that was untrue!? Any fool can observe that the Tea Party has completely co-opted the Republican Party and the Tea Party, and from my view the Republicans as well, are clearly infused with a racist element… Is this new? Is this news? Is it even a scandal to say what is clearly the truth? Is the Tea Party NOT a vastly white-only reaction to the cultural change embodied in a Black President? Just because they may claim that is so…doesn’t make it true. Their signs and vitriol toward a basically Republican endorsed health-care bill (before the President endorsed endorsed it) shows their true colors.

This reminds me of the heavily edited video continuously played on Fox News (and everywhere else) involving the Rev Jeremiah Wright. Have you watched those videos in their entirety? Or did you just pick up the Right-wing talking points, like the rest of the media, and castigate the Reverend without understanding the context of the sermons the soundbites were taken from? Do you have any frame of reference regarding Liberation Theology or are you of the opinion that your “Christianity” is the only christianity that is Christian? Can you even fathom that a people who endured 400+ years of chattel slavery, being lawfully disconnected from the rights and freedoms that white males have enjoyed, Jim Crow and any number of other manifested inequalities, could have a different perspective of what Christianity is? Can you not understand that a people, while deeply patriotic, understand  and are realistic about the damage that the United States has done at home and abroad!?

What exactly did Reverend Wright say that was untrue?

What did Shirley Sherrod say that was untrue?

What did ACORN do that was proven illegal?

Did Van Jones deserve to fired?

What did the NPR execs say that was untrue?

The GOP/Republican smear machine strikes again…despite the truth.  

NPR chief ousted after execs racism remarks – Politics – More politics – msnbc.com.


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