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Manning Marable: A Brother, a Mentor, a Great Mind

What was remarkable about Marable is that he possessed none of the jealousies and backbiting that render the professional academic guild a highfalutin’ version of hip-hop culture’s lethal fratricidal tensions. Please don’t be confused: Marable loved academic gossip and tidbits of underground cultural stories as much as the rest of us, but he was never mean-spirited or vicious in his often humorous relay of the folly or hubris of a colleague or acquaintance.

Marable was kind and sweet, a teddy bear of a patriarch who watched over his young charges with wise forbearance. And he proved, in the tender and enduring companionship that he forged with his life mate, the brilliant anthropologist Leith Mullings, that you can love and learn with a black woman and drink in her beauty and brains in one sweet swig.

Marable’s huge hunger to tell the truth about black suffering could never be satisfied. In a relentless stream of articles, essays, newspaper columns and books, he detailed the burdens of race and class and how these forces — along with gender, age and sexual orientation — ganged up on black folk and mugged us at every turn, robbing us of our dignity and our right to exist without being ambushed by inequality and injustice. – Michael Eric Dyson

via Manning Marable: A Brother, a Mentor, a Great Mind.


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