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The Right’s War on Moderation

I agree with the sentiments here, and have for quite a while now. Any time I hear anyone explaining the joys they feel when they implement their “false equivalency”, the idea that they are somehow “post-partisan” because they proclaim to listen to both sides of the political arguments and see the points of both sides but also seem unwilling to stake a position, I will question their political aptitude. Politics does not work when one occupies the mythical center of what Mark Thompson (Make it Plain XM 167 5-8pm weekdays) calls “chaotic neutral”. Even those who consider themselves in the center have beliefs and convictions. To see some kind of virtue in being in the “center” on all issues is politically lazy, functionally unrealistic and disingenuous. And when a budget is released like the one proposed by Paul Ryan and the GOP, staying in the middle seems untenable…

Political moderates and on-the-fencers have had it easy up to now on budget issues. They could condemn “both sides,” and insist on the need for “courage” in tackling the deficit.

Thanks to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget and the Republicans’ maximalist stance in negotiations to avert a government shutdown, the days of straddling are over.

Ryan’s truly outrageous proposal, built on heaping sacrifice onto the poor, slashing scholarship aid to college students and bestowing benefits on the rich, ought to force middle-of-the-roaders to take sides. No one who is even remotely moderate can possibly support what Ryan has in mind.

And please, let’s dispense with the idea that Ryan is courageous in offering his design. There is nothing courageous about asking for givebacks from the least advantaged and least powerful in our society. It takes no guts to demand a lot from groups that have little to give, and tend to vote against your party anyway.

And there is nothing daring about a conservative Republican delivering yet more benefits to the wealthiest people in our society, the sort who privately finance the big ad campaigns to elect conservatives to Congress. – E.J. Dionne

via E.J. Dionne, Jr.: The Right’s War on Moderation – Truthdig.


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