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Pat Buchanan: Obama only got into Harvard because of Affirmative Action

Lets set the record straight. Gaining admission to any college or university via affirmative action is designed to allow those that are under-represented the opportunity to succed at college or university. Once there, you have to prove yourself academically. As Zerlina Maxwell referred to on her facebook page a few days ago, there is no guy or gal named affirmative action that studies for you or takes your tests. No one hands you a degree, even if the policy of affirmative action allowed you admission into the school. But because our discourse around this issue is so devoid of facts and is driven by this meme that some people are getting a free ride, nevermind the hard work that remains after admission, it’s not only infuriating, but it also allows for the misinformation surrounding the policy of Affirmative Action to continue…

Be clear, this is a race issue through and through, or at the least it is perceived this way by a large number of the majority culture…even though stats prove that the greatest beneficiaries of affirmative action ARE NOT Blacks or minorities…it is white women…

Pat Buchanan: Obama only got into Harvard because of affirmative action | Raw Replay.


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    Pat Buchanan, isn’t he the godly man on the 700 club. This sounds like a racist comment deeply embedded in his guts. You should repent for saying this Mr. Pat

    April 29, 2011 at 8:12 am

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