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Show Me Your Papers’ Politics Could Suppress Black Vote

Racism = Prejudice + power. The power to legislatively and politically supress and oppress based on skin color. When those disproportionally affected negatively by your policy are of a particular color (or class) you are practicing racism (or classism). It’s also necessary to mention that no epithet was used in the process and their are political & legislative winners in these policies…and they are, for the most part, members of the white majority culture.

Proponents of these restrictive laws allege that they’re necessary to curb vote fraud but can proffer no real empirical data to support their claims. The evidence makes plain that vote fraud is a myth and few states can put forth examples of individuals impersonating the dead or undocumented persons casting ballots at the polls. The baseless claims of vote fraud serve only to stir up anxieties and spark unnecessary hysteria.
And, the racially charged and xenophobic atmosphere in which many of these efforts are unfolding is undeniable. In a recent legislative hearing, Kansas State Rep. Connie O’Brien claimed that she could tell that a person was illegally in the country because of their “olive complexion.”
In Georgia, during a hearing leading up to the adoption of a restrictive proof of citizenship requirement, State Senator George Hooks, remarked that “we’ve been invaded by people who were born and raised elsewhere. They don’t share our language. They don’t share our culture…. They eat foreign food…. They don’t share the same manners we share.” Both states now have burdensome photo id and proof of citizenship requirements in place. – Kristen Clarke

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