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David Axelrod On Sanctioning Secretly Funded Groups: Its Not Healthy But Its The System We Have

I’m not sure the Dems gave up the “moral high ground” here, as Sam Stein reports as long as they continue to remind people of the history here. The Dems did not want this system and actively tried to change it (see the DISCLOSE ACT), but Citizens United changed the game…and that was done under the purview of this Republican party and the most conservative Supreme Court in history. If the moral high ground was the bar with which politics were won, these Repugs would never win. But they just did 6 months ago. And the Dems lost the battle of public opinion partly because of the massive funds raised by Repugs during the last campaign. They can continue to have the moral high ground by speaking for the middle class and the poor…

“Let’s be clear,” Axelrod said on “Meet the Press.” “This independent group that was formed was formed in response to the ones that spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the last campaign to defeat Democratic candidates [with] undisclosed, large contributions. And we tried to pass a law [the DISCLOSE Act] through the Congress that would force … all groups to disclose who was giving them the money so the public could see. It got 59 Democratic votes in the United States Senate, 41 Republicans blocked it. And so, of course, now there’s a reaction to what happened, because Democrats are sitting there saying, ‘We can’t play under two sets of rules.’ … We should walk down to Capitol Hill and urge them to pass the law and that will govern both Republicans and Democrats and everybody will be playing under one set of rules.”

“I don’t think this is healthy,” he added. “I don’t think this is good. But it is the system we have. And you can’t expect one side to operate under one set of rules and the other side to operate under another.”

David Axelrod On Sanctioning Secretly Funded Groups: Its Not Healthy But Its The System We Have.


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