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Why Am I Not Surprised?: Racism = Prejudice + Power, Part 2

This is the follow-up to Part 1…. (make sure you read the previous post as well…)

It should also be noted that White people (good grief! I hate repeating myself over and over, but some things bear repeating) set up the social institutions in this country in the first place and have continued to run them ever since. So every single problem we have in this country is directly or indirectly attributable to that simple fact. Face it or not, folks. White-controlled social institutions — including the family, education, religion, politics and the economy — are the base foundation from which everything else (bad or good) emanates. Holding Black folks responsible for practices, attitudes, and systems they had NO part of setting up and have not ever even had the least part in running is (1) blaming the victim and (2) sweeping White power under the rug.

Interestingly enough, this is EXACTLY the world view the White Supremacist system (it’s a system, folks, not a person or group of persons) wants folks like Ma (and everybody else) to espouse. It works to keep White Supremacy in place to convince as many as possible (including as many people of color as possible) that Black folks are the problem. That Black inferiority is endemic to their nature. That they can’t help it. That White people and their institutions and their “values” (such as money being more important than life, for example, or the idea that torture is reasonable to accomplish one’s agenda?) are just superior to all others — especially any that might be conceived by anyone else.

via Why Am I Not Surprised?: Racism = Prejudice + Power, Part 2.


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