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Princeton Professor Dr. Cornel West (interviewed by Tavis Smiley)

His critique is and has always been…legitimate. You cannot argue with his point of view…


Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West | Tavis Smiley | PBS.


Bashir: Tea Party Official Accused of Racial Hatred

First off, we can’t have this conversation without some ground rules. The math goes like this: Racism = prejudice + power. Black people do not have the power of industry or politics or anything else to be racist. Hence, Black people cannot be racist. It’s easy math…
If you don’t understand the variables here then you cannot have a real discussion as it relates to race because your racial acumen is too low.
All of the comments from Sharpton & Taylor are on point but you must really listen to Toure’s discussion of intellect, the current racial milieu and affirmative action. Make your comments below… Please…

msnbc tv: Official accused of racial hatred.

New racist anti-choice billboards show up in NYC

I have no words.

Oh… Yes I do.

Just one.  Racist

How about you…

New racist anti-choice billboards show up in NYC.