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Them That’s Not Shall Lose

Without coalescing around some type of political power, legislators too often don’t give those most in need top priority. The poor don’t “butter their bread” so they fall down the list of important constituents…

It is in that context that I am forced to assume that if Washington politicians ever knew the sting of poverty then they have long since vanquished the memory. How else to qualify their positions? In fact, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, nearly half of all members of Congress are millionaires, and between 2008 and 2009, when most Americans were feeling the brunt of the recession, the personal wealth of members of Congress collectively increased by more than 16 percent. Must be nice.

Poverty is brutal, consuming and unforgiving. It strikes at the soul.

You defend yourself with hope, hard work and, for some, a helping hand. But these weapons grow dull in an economy on the verge of atrophy, in a job market tilting ever more toward the top and in a political environment that would sacrifice the weak to the wealthy. – Charles Blow

via Them That’s Not Shall Lose – NYTimes.com.


The G.O.P.’s Abandoned Babies

I’ve said for a while now that the Republican position pre-birth and post-birth are inherently incoherent and inconsistent and Charles Blow points out that it is actually economically foolhardy as well. I agree.

It’s about time we call out the Republican ideology for what it is… Inhumane… And then let our votes tell them what we think of their ideology.

It is savagely immoral and profoundly inconsistent to insist that women endure unwanted — and in some cases dangerous — pregnancies for the sake of “unborn children,” then eliminate financing designed to prevent those children from being delivered prematurely, rendering them the most fragile and vulnerable of newborns. How is this humane? – Charles Blow

The G.O.P.’s Abandoned Babies – NYTimes.com.