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Mark Halperin: The point of it all…

I just can’t say or write it any better than this!! Race, racism, white privilege & entitlement, and supremacy is written all over this incident. The implications are long and deep. Hopefully, not just those who are victimized by this type of behavior and thought will speak on it. For it is those with the power that must work to change themselves and their effects on those they victimize.

Racism = Prejudice + Power… Do the Math!

If you understand nothing else, know this. To be Black in America means “we can’t do what they do.” A dear friend spoke those words to me over 20 years ago and I have never forgotten them. Forget making derisive remarks about others in the public square, the fact is we aren’t allowed to get angry or show disappointment openly. To be labeled “difficult” or “angry” is to be marginalized. For African American men and women the vicious stereotypes around what is deemed “aggressive” for us but standard behavior for others is often the difference between a paycheck and the soup line.

“Who do you think you are?” I’ve been asked. “You think a lot of yourself,” the same boss said. I collected myself and quietly left his office that day. I ain’t nobody’s saint but, like Obama, there was nothing I could say without getting frog-marched out of the building.

So Obama will say nothing. He will never address the malicious attacks on his character by respected journalists or side-show carnival barkers. He can’t. He cannot say a nary word about how utterly indecent it all is.

There is something to be said about what we’re becoming. Or maybe it’s about what we’ve always been. A nation with two sets of rules. Mark Halperin may as well have called the president an “uppity Negro.” We’ve been here before. – Goldie Taylor

Mark Halperin: The point of it all… « The Goldie Taylor Project.


Drug Bust

Great article from Charles Blow of the New York Times. I couldn’t agree more. To me this just shows how policies wrapped up in racially coded language and executed in a racist manner, where politicians only weigh what is politic rather than what is right leads us to where we are now. Say nothing about the prison-industrial complex and the prison lobby that manages to privatize prisons for profit and pay to influence legislatures.

I guess you get what you pay for…

And no group has been more targeted and suffered more damage than the black community. As the A.C.L.U. pointed out last week, “The racial disparities are staggering: despite the fact that whites engage in drug offenses at a higher rate than African-Americans, African-Americans are incarcerated for drug offenses at a rate that is 10 times greater than that of whites.”An effort meant to save us from a form of moral decay became its own insidious brand of moral perversion — turning people who should have been patients into prisoners, criminalizing victimless behavior, targeting those whose first offense was entering the world wrapped in the wrong skin. It feeds our achingly contradictory tendency toward prudery and our overwhelming thirst for punishment. – Charles Blow

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Dark Girls | A Preview

Hard to see how this type of manifested self-hate (intra-racial prejudice) as a direct result of 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow, white privilege and white supremacy that has played a lawful, psychological and physical effect on an oppressed people. The results of which play and manifest themselves generation after generation after generation…

Your thought???

Why Am I Not Surprised?: Racism = Prejudice + Power, Part 2

This is the follow-up to Part 1…. (make sure you read the previous post as well…)

It should also be noted that White people (good grief! I hate repeating myself over and over, but some things bear repeating) set up the social institutions in this country in the first place and have continued to run them ever since. So every single problem we have in this country is directly or indirectly attributable to that simple fact. Face it or not, folks. White-controlled social institutions — including the family, education, religion, politics and the economy — are the base foundation from which everything else (bad or good) emanates. Holding Black folks responsible for practices, attitudes, and systems they had NO part of setting up and have not ever even had the least part in running is (1) blaming the victim and (2) sweeping White power under the rug.

Interestingly enough, this is EXACTLY the world view the White Supremacist system (it’s a system, folks, not a person or group of persons) wants folks like Ma (and everybody else) to espouse. It works to keep White Supremacy in place to convince as many as possible (including as many people of color as possible) that Black folks are the problem. That Black inferiority is endemic to their nature. That they can’t help it. That White people and their institutions and their “values” (such as money being more important than life, for example, or the idea that torture is reasonable to accomplish one’s agenda?) are just superior to all others — especially any that might be conceived by anyone else.

via Why Am I Not Surprised?: Racism = Prejudice + Power, Part 2.

Bashir: Tea Party Official Accused of Racial Hatred

First off, we can’t have this conversation without some ground rules. The math goes like this: Racism = prejudice + power. Black people do not have the power of industry or politics or anything else to be racist. Hence, Black people cannot be racist. It’s easy math…
If you don’t understand the variables here then you cannot have a real discussion as it relates to race because your racial acumen is too low.
All of the comments from Sharpton & Taylor are on point but you must really listen to Toure’s discussion of intellect, the current racial milieu and affirmative action. Make your comments below… Please…

msnbc tv: Official accused of racial hatred.