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Maddow: Shameless, Craven, Unprincipled, Partisan Hackery…

These guys are the height of unprincipled…except when it comes to undercutting the President…
They have blocked policies that they themselves have initiated or co-sponsored or supported, as far back as ’08, as soon as the President says he agrees with it. Too often this sort of context is missed by the mainstream media and the Repugs continue this unpatriotic behaviour and get off scot-free. This portion of the political debate needs more light given to it and the American people need to make these hacks pay…

: Shameless, craven, unprincipled, partisan hackery.


The Maddow Blog: It’s About the Having of the Sex

I have a friend who vehemently disagrees with the notion of abortions and she abhors the thought. It is THE reason she identifies as a Republican and accepts a lot of the other more questionable rhetoric spewed from the Right. I have thought, on many occasions, why even we could not agree, substantively, on ways to reduce abortions and why her religious belief on one issue should be forced on others in a country where abortion is legal and based on a women’s right to choose OR not choose (hopefully in consultation with the child’s father and if she is a person of faith, with her God). This Maddow Blog post actually made me think and re-evaluate why the chasm may be so big between my friend and I, and thus, between the two competing sides of the abortion debate.

A larger theme in the Republican war on abortion rights didn’t occur to me until I read it in a comment by GrrrlRomeo on Wednesday’s links post. Since then I’ve seen it echoed a few more times, including on the show last night in the interview with N.O.W. president Terry O’Neill.

The idea, in short, is that if your goal is to restore old-fashioned gender roles and family structure to the American way of life, taking away a woman’s ability to have sex without getting pregnant is a fast way to reach that goal.

From GrrrlRomeo’s comment:

Yes, there is a faction of anti-abortion activists that only want to save the fetuses at any and all costs. But the broader mainstream conservative strategy is the same as it ever was. They don’t think the government should fund services for people they deem to be leading an immoral lifestyle (people who have sex).

While there have been a lot of mentions of Pap tests, no one is really saying what it’s for. It’s a cancer screening for a cancer that’s caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted infection that affects 50% of men and women at some point in their lives.

Here’s Gail Collins in yesterday’s New York Times:

For eons now, people have been wondering why the two sides can’t just join hands and agree to work together to reduce the number of abortions by expanding the availability of family-planning services and contraception.

The answer is that a large part of the anti-abortion community is also anti-contraception.


Beyond the science, there’s the fact that many social conservatives are simply opposed to giving women the ability to have sex without the possibility of procreation.


What we have here is a wide-ranging attack on women’s right to control their reproductive lives…

And N.O.W.’s Terry O’Neill last night:

And here`s the thing — this hostility to women`s abortion rights doesn`t stop with abortion. What we`re seeing across the board really is hostility to women`s reproductive health care rights. We just had a fight in which the extremists in the House of Representatives and in Congress tried to cut off funding, all funding, for family planning clinics that serve more than 5 million women and men every year, right? These are family planning clinics that don`t provide abortions, that provide contraception, pap tests, mammograms, STD testing and treatment, HIV/AIDS testing.

What`s happening is that as abortion — as anti-abortion laws gain more and more traction, we`re also seeing attacks on all of the other aspects of women`s reproductive health. And frankly, defunding the family planning clinics is a public health nightmare in the making. But we`re seeing these attacks across the reproductive health rights.

I also went back and re-watched Wednesday night’s interview with Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and I believe she was also alluding to this larger theme:

But I think what is important, too, Rachel, that folks understand that literally what the House of Representatives and what Speaker Boehner are trying to do is not end abortion services. They are trying to eliminate birth control and cancer screenings for women. – Will Femia

The Maddow Blog – It’s about the having of the sex.

Rachel Maddow: Obama Budget Speech a Victory for Math

Maddow illustrates how the Paul Ryan budget (and tax cuts for the wealthy in general) actually transfers money from the poor and middle class to the wealthy and more politically powerful and connected. In other words…Reaganomics or so-called “trickle-down” economics does not add wealth downward. It sucks wealth upward. You do the math…

Rachel Maddow: Obama budget speech a victory for math.

What Republicans Are Trying To Prove

Introducing, to some of you for the first time, the Republicans…. They haven’t changed their tone or policies in 30 years and their aims remain the same…all over the country…they ALL believe in this radical ideology. It’s about time we all believe what they have been telling us…

Toward the end of the clip, pay close attention to how Melissa Harris-Perry weaves race into the 30 year political debate on how the Republicans have attached government services to minorities and the poor. The propaganda that she unearths is true at all levels…

The Maddow Blog – What Republicans are trying to prove.



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Rachel Maddow: Connecting the dots from Wisconsin to D.C.

If you missed the Rachel Maddow show last night, you might want to check this out. I encourage you to watch all the segments from last night (These are just the first two segments. Click the link to find all the videos from last night.) and if you are not outraged to action about the Republican tactics used…then I’m not sure what happened to you soul. In a democracy…this should be illegal.

Rachel Maddow: Connecting the dots from Wisconsin to D.C..

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We Are ALL Liberals…we just call ourselves Conservatives.

We keep being told that the country is “Center-Right”. Center-Right!? Even with the latest poll numbers of the NBC-WSJ poll??

I am a consistent watcher of Rachel Maddow’s show and last night she echoed what I have been saying since the election of Barack Obama in Nov of 2008. The NBC – WSJ poll that she talks about basically shows the mandate that Obama walked into office with. Change we can believe in. From taxing the wealthy to the Public Option to protecting collective bargaining, Americans think a lot alike. No wonder the President was swept into office. I thought elections had consequences!?

Watch this clip of the Rachel Maddow Show and let me know what you think.


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Rachel Maddow: Democrats find their spine.

Are you paying attention!?… (Rachel Maddow / Fox News To White People: Be Very Afraid! Black People Are Coming To Get You!)

Rachel explains the political strategy of those on the Right who have and continue to use race as a wedge issue with negative consequences. This is a history lesson. She starts in 1960 and weaves the continuous history up until present day. The Southern Strategy lives… Are you apart of it or are you fighting against it…?

If this doesn’t make clear the depths that the Right wing will go and the lengths they will strategize to gain and regain power and how these tactics are not new and they have been updated to perpetuate racist affects TODAY… I don’t know what will. Are you paying attention!?