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The Truth About the Economy

Robert Reich makes it simple and easy…

Needless to say, Republicans are counter to any constructive and fact based approach to repairing the economy. They would rather continue doing the same things that led us down this road. Their policies are the same policies that were discussed and implemented under Reagan and both Bush’s…

YouTube – The Truth About the Economy.


Ryancare Versus Obamacare

A voucher program is not “premium support” no matter what type of spin Ryan gives as it relates to his program. This to me is a classic example of Republicans saying they are benevolent while only holding dear the causes of their corporate masters. What they should be offering to do is stopping the corporate welfare that they endorse through tax cuts for the rich and bailouts for the financial industry and subsidies for big oil and other powerful lobby interests. Why is it that the Republican plans only discuss monies that will help regular people while they ignore putting any additional burden on their corporate benefactors? Its ideological. And I, for one, will not lend it any credence.

Some commenters have asked a good question, albeit in a belligerent tone: how does the Ryan plan differ from the Affordable Care Act? After all, in both plans people are supposed to buy coverage from private insurers, with a subsidy from the government.

Well, the answer is that the ACA is specifically designed to ensure that insurance is affordable, whereas Ryancare just hands out vouchers and washes its hands. Specifically, the ACA subsidy system (pdf) sets a maximum percentage of income that families are expected to pay for insurance, on a sliding scale that rises with income. To the extent that the actual cost of a minimum acceptable policy exceeds that percentage of income, subsidies make up the difference.

Ryancare, by contrast, provides a fixed sum — end of story. And because this fixed sum would not grow with rising health care costs, it’s almost guaranteed to fall far short of the actual cost of insurance.

This is also why Ryancare is NOT premium support; it’s a voucher system. No matter how much they say it isn’t, that’s exactly what it is. -Paul Krugman

via Ryancare Versus Obamacare – NYTimes.com.

Actually, “the Rich” Don’t “Create Jobs,” We Do

Demand creates jobs.

Not corporate tax cuts or decreased taxes on the wealthy. A 3-4% tax increase will not hurt job production, but a decrease in overall demand for products will. If the middle class, working class and the poor are unemployed and have markedly reduced paychecks and disposable income…demand for products is reduced. Ask any businessman worth his salt, that is not a partisan, and they will tell you that they hire more people if, and only if, the demand “demands” it. But the fact that some of you buy the Republican argument that tax cuts spur job creation, shows just how effective the right-wing is in propagating a meme that is not only false philosophically and economically but is also counter to common sense and counter to the formation of a strong middle class. Just because someone makes an “argument” doesn’t mean the argument is a legitimate one that needs to be weighed in a balanced discussion. Tax cuts do not create more jobs. Only increased demand will spur job creation.
And to a great extent, the Republicans have made a cottage industry of having the very people that are most hurt by “supply-side” or “trickle down” economics advocate for this position, politically.

Here is a recent typical example, Obama Touts Job-Killing Tax Plan, written by a “senior fellow at the Cato Institute and chair­man of the Institute for Global Economic Growth,”

Some people, in their pursuit of profit, benefit their fellow humans by creating new or better goods and services, and then by employing others. We call such people entrepreneurs and productive workers.

Others are parasites who suck the blood and energy away from the productive. Such people are most often found in government.

Perhaps the most vivid description of what happens to a society where the parasites become so numerous and powerful that they destroy their productive hosts is Ayn Rand’s classic novel “Atlas Shrugged.” …

Producers and Parasites

The idea that there are producers and parasites as expressed in the example above has become a core philosophy of conser­vatives. They claim that wealthy people “produce” and are rich because they “produce.” The rest of us are “parasites” who suck blood and energy from the productive rich, by taxing them. In this belief system, We, the People are basically just “the help” who are otherwise in the way, and taxing the producers to pay for our “entitlements.” We “take money” from the producers through taxes, which are “redistributed” to the parasites. They repeat the slogan, “Taxes are theft,” and take the “money we earned” by “force” (i.e. government.)

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner echoes this core philosophy of “producers” and “parasites,” saying yes­terday,

“I believe raising taxes on the very peo­ple that we expect to reinvest in our economy and to hire people is the wrong idea,” he said. “For those peo­ple to give that money to the government…means it won’t get rein­vested in our economy at a time when we’re trying to create jobs.”

“The very people” who “hire people” shouldn’t have to pay taxes because that money is then taken out of the productive economy and just given to the parasites — “the help” — meaning you and me… – Dave Johnson

via Actually, “the Rich” Don’t “Create Jobs,” We Do | Truthout.

David Axelrod On Sanctioning Secretly Funded Groups: Its Not Healthy But Its The System We Have

I’m not sure the Dems gave up the “moral high ground” here, as Sam Stein reports as long as they continue to remind people of the history here. The Dems did not want this system and actively tried to change it (see the DISCLOSE ACT), but Citizens United changed the game…and that was done under the purview of this Republican party and the most conservative Supreme Court in history. If the moral high ground was the bar with which politics were won, these Repugs would never win. But they just did 6 months ago. And the Dems lost the battle of public opinion partly because of the massive funds raised by Repugs during the last campaign. They can continue to have the moral high ground by speaking for the middle class and the poor…

“Let’s be clear,” Axelrod said on “Meet the Press.” “This independent group that was formed was formed in response to the ones that spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the last campaign to defeat Democratic candidates [with] undisclosed, large contributions. And we tried to pass a law [the DISCLOSE Act] through the Congress that would force … all groups to disclose who was giving them the money so the public could see. It got 59 Democratic votes in the United States Senate, 41 Republicans blocked it. And so, of course, now there’s a reaction to what happened, because Democrats are sitting there saying, ‘We can’t play under two sets of rules.’ … We should walk down to Capitol Hill and urge them to pass the law and that will govern both Republicans and Democrats and everybody will be playing under one set of rules.”

“I don’t think this is healthy,” he added. “I don’t think this is good. But it is the system we have. And you can’t expect one side to operate under one set of rules and the other side to operate under another.”

David Axelrod On Sanctioning Secretly Funded Groups: Its Not Healthy But Its The System We Have.

State GOP Representative says Blacks Earn Less Because They Don’t Work as Hard.

In 2011, we still have this type of elected official with the power to legislate over people (minorities) with whom they have much disdain. She should not be close to any of the reigns of political power. Period. The fact that she is proves that racism today is alive and well. And no N-word is necessary.

Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern is known for ruffling a few feathers with her politically incorrect statements, and her latest remarks are no different.

Kern, a Republican, was reported as having said that blacks don’t work as hard as whites, and helped the Oklahoma House of Representatives pass a constitutional amendment yesterday that would eliminate affirmative action in state government.

Rep. T.W. Shannon, the sponsor of the bill, explained the reasoning behind the bill: “While discrimination exists, I don’t think affirmative action has been as successful as we like to believe.”

Kern said that minorities earn less than whites do because they don’t put worth the same amount of initiative and aren’t as motivated as whites to succeed.

“We have a high percentage of blacks in prison, and that’s tragic, but are they in prison just because they are black or because they don’t want to study as hard in school? I’ve taught school, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn’t study hard because they said the government would take care of them.”

She also said women earn less because “they tend to spend more time at home with their families.”

Kern is known for her extremist opinions — from saying homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorism=fBmCA4z8Yzc to introducing legislation to force teachers to question evolution. – Dexter Mullins

via State GOP rep: Blacks earn less because they don’t work as hard.

Born in the U.S.A.

The President on the made up Right-wing controversy & media firestorm.

The Last Word – Born in the U.S.A..

The Republican Threat to Voting

At what point does the trend become a pattern? At what point do we accept the reallity that Republicans really want to suppress the vote of the opposition party. And when do we understand that these policies negatively impact Blacks and other minorities and the poor and hence is a move to control and oppress based on skin color and class through the legislative process… What do you call this. What is the correct term? Racism & Classism. And the Republicans are pushing these policies…

“Less than a year before the 2012 presidential voting begins, Republican legislatures and governors across the country are rewriting voting laws to make it much harder for the young, the poor and African-Americans — groups that typically vote Democratic — to cast a ballot.

Spreading fear of a nonexistent flood of voter fraud, they are demanding that citizens be required to show a government-issued identification before they are allowed to vote. Republicans have been pushing these changes for years, but now more than two-thirds of the states have adopted or are considering such laws. The Advancement Project, an advocacy group of civil rights lawyers, correctly describes the push as “the largest legislative effort to scale back voting rights in a century.”

Call it what it is… 

The Republican Threat to Voting – NYTimes.com.