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Degrees and Dollars

This article, pointedly, argues why the issues in Wisconsin are not only relevant to middle-class union workers…but also to you college educated seemingly insulated white collar workers who feel that unions have lost their way and their value. I know a few of these guys/gals. Too busy protecting themselves by degrading those who seem to be beneath them not understanding that their protection lies in defending their neighbors and fellow citizens. When you ask these people if their employer would let them go if it made sense monetarily and the profit motive were strong enough, they will tell you “yes”. You would think that these reasonable people would, by extension, understand that they are not special and could be out of work at the whim of their employer. But they rarely make that connection. Maybe they are not as smart as they give themselves credit. Instead of practicing this sort of isolationism that our culture seems ti trumpet, we all need to realize that our strength lies in our community. We are all in this together. Until we understand this, they will be coming after you next, and in a lot of ways, they already have.

It’s corporate power vs the people.

Who’s side are you on……?

The belief that education is becoming ever more important rests on the plausible-sounding notion that advances in technology increase job opportunities for those who work with information — loosely speaking, that computers help those who work with their minds, while hurting those who work with their hands.
Some years ago, however, the economists David Autor, Frank Levy and Richard Murnane argued that this was the wrong way to think about it. Computers, they pointed out, excel at routine tasks, “cognitive and manual tasks that can be accomplished by following explicit rules.” Therefore, any routine task — a category that includes many white-collar, nonmanual jobs — is in the firing line. Conversely, jobs that can’t be carried out by following explicit rules — a category that includes many kinds of manual labor, from truck drivers to janitors — will tend to grow even in the face of technological progress.
And here’s the thing: Most of the manual labor still being done in our economy seems to be of the kind that’s hard to automate. Notably, with production workers in manufacturing down to about 6 percent of U.S. employment, there aren’t many assembly-line jobs left to lose. Meanwhile, quite a lot of white-collar work currently carried out by well-educated, relatively well-paid workers may soon be computerized. Roombas are cute, but robot janitors are a long way off; computerized legal research and computer-aided medical diagnosis are already here.

And then there’s globalization. Once, only manufacturing workers needed to worry about competition from overseas, but the combination of computers and telecommunications has made it possible to provide many services at long range. And research by my Princeton colleagues Alan Blinder and Alan Krueger suggests that high-wage jobs performed by highly educated workers are, if anything, more “offshorable” than jobs done by low-paid, less-educated workers. If they’re right, growing international trade in services will further hollow out the U.S. job market. – Paul Krugman

Degrees and Dollars – NYTimes.com.



Absorbing the Pain…

A new normal. Or just the same class warfare where working class people fight each other for crumbs… When will we, collectively, get hip to the game being played on us?

The joke that has gone viral on the internet recently that sums up the recent economic unfairness goes like this:
“A public union employee, a tea party activist, and a CEO are sitting at a table with a plate of a dozen cookies in the middle of it. The CEO takes 11 of the cookies, turns to the tea partier and says, ‘Watch out for that union guy. He wants a piece of your cookie.'”
It’s time we start asking for our fair share of those 11 cookies…

The predators at the top, billionaires and millionaires, are pitting ordinary workers against one another. So we’re left with the bizarre situation of unionized workers with a pension being resented by nonunion workers without one. The swells are in the background, having a good laugh. – Bob Herbert

Absorbing the Pain – NYTimes.com.

2007 VIDEO: Obama promised to “walk on that picket line” if workers denied the right to bargain | The Political Carnival

Barack Obama in Spartanburg, SC. Nov. 3rd, 2007.

And understand this: If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I’ll will walk on that picket line with you as President of the United States of America. Because workers deserve to know that somebody is standing in their corner.

THIS is the President I voted for.  Where is this guy!?

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated….

2007 VIDEO: Obama promised to “walk on that picket line” if workers denied the right to bargain | The Political Carnival.

YouTube – Koch Whore: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

This so enlightening it’s actually scary. When you hear the tactics and the lengths to which the GOP will go to cower to their financial benefactors it really starts to make you think about the lack of ethics involved in Republican politics. This is awesome. Its beyond words. It’s like being a fly a on the wall where you can peer into the minds of Republicans and see how they think…

Your thoughts???

YouTube – Koch Whore: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.


YouTube – Koch Whore: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, part 2

YouTube – Koch Whore: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, part 2.

Sirota: Why treat bankers better than teachers?

Please watch!!!

Sirota is right on point here. He says is better than I ever could… Your thoughts!!??

msnbc tv: Sirota: Why treat bankers better than teachers?.

Wisconsin is only part of the GOP war against unions

Check the technique… Politics is a game influenced by money and power. Those who do not understand money and power politics lose. It always amazes me when I hear people say that politics don’t matter and that they do not vote for whatever reason. Upon closer inspection, why would billionaires sink millions into campaigns for people sympathetic to their cause. Why is Washington overrun with lobbyists? How can politicians dole out billions of taxpayer money to bail out banks with no checks on employee compensation and give continued tax breaks to the most wealthy Americans but cut benefits of everyday public workers (taxpayers) as a means to balance the budget brought out of whack by the recession caused by…you guessed it, the bankers who were bailed out by taxpayer funds? The answer is influence, money and power. In capitalism, all three of these matter and the GOP is clearly flaunting this fact in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio. It’s about time that those lower on the totem-pole understand this reality and understand their influence via the vote and community power politics. Get in the game…and then stay there…

And if you are voting Republican…you are on the wrong team.

“Unions remain the most effective part of the Democratic coalition in turning out minority voters come election time and in getting working-class whites to vote Democratic. As such, they are the linchpin of progressive change in America. Taking them off the political map isn’t about budgets. It’s about removing a check on right-wing and business power in America.” – Harold Meyerson

via Harold Meyerson – Wisconsin is only part of the GOP war against unions.